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Most titles are now out of print and copies are unavailable. The only books that are still available in hard copy are those listed on the Order Form.

Digitised versions of most of the books can, however, be downloaded free of charge where indicated below.

Church and Community Development

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The Church and Community Development: An Introduction
George Lovell (1972)


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Human and Religious Factors in Church and Community Work
George Lovell (1982)

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Churches and Communities: An Approach to Development in the Local Church
George Lovell & Catherine Widdicombe (1978/1986)

Downloadable PDF - 3.63MB (may be slow)
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The Parchmore Partnership
George Lovell, Garth Rogers & Peter Sharrocks (ed Malcolm Grundy) (1995)

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Analysing, Consulting and Facilitating

Companion volumes

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Analysis and Design: A handbook for practitioners and consultants in church and community work
George Lovell (1994)

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Consultancy, Ministry and Mission: A handbook for practitioners and work consultants in Christian organizations
George Lovell


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Telling Experiences: Stories about a transforming way of working with people
George Lovell (ed) (1996)

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Consultancy Modes and Models
George Lovell


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Small Communities in Religious Life: Making them work
Catherine Widdicombe (2000)

Still in print and orderable


Approach and Method

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The Non-Directive Approach
TR &M Batten

Downloadable PDF - 0.45MB

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Diagrammatic Modelling: An aid to theological reflection in church and community development work
George Lovell (1991)

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Meetings that Work: A practical guide to team working in groups
Catherine Widdicombe (2000)

Still available from Avec and orderable for the cost of p&p

Also now reprinted and available from Lutterworth Press at £21.25

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Working with People for Development: a Study and Training Manual for Community Workers and Trainers [Nigerian edition]
Catherine Widdicombe (2009)

Available online as a Word DOC file. Please note the copyright conditions inside the front cover.



In-Service Training

Archive Catalogue

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Avec: Agency and Approach
George Lovell

Downloadable PDF - 3.37MB
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Avec Archives: Annotated Catalogue
George Lovell
& Catherine Widdicombe (2000)

Downloadable PDF - 0.6MB

Still in print and orderable free


Online autoethnography

My Life, Work and Ministry: Notes from Retirement
George Lovell (2018)

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